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As experts in CGI, automation, and computer-generated content creation, Mirko Hänßgen and Pierre Grage identified a critical gap in the market for advanced marketing technologies. Recognizing the evolving challenges of modern marketing, including the need for real-time and immersive technologies, they envisioned harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop innovative solutions for businesses striving to stay at the forefront of their industries.

In 2020, UNEVIS was officially founded in Hamburg, Germany as a fully remote company, uniting top European talent to create groundbreaking solutions that blend real-time graphics with cutting-edge AI automation technology. Initially branded as UNEVIS XLAB due to the coding and research-intensive phase of the first years, today UNEVIS X focuses on delivering AI as a creative service. This encompasses everything from developing AI projects to delivering AI-powered content.

AI Powered Services

UNEVIS X is dedicated to empowering businesses to excel in a rapidly evolving digital landscape by providing AI-powered solutions and services unmatched by near or offshoring alternatives.

Our Approach

At UNEVIS X, we intertwine art and technology, specializing in developing and leveraging AI solutions for 3D real-time and classic post-production media. We are redefining photography with our Synthetic AI Photo Shootings technology and disrupting 3D data preparation with our 3D Optimization AI for the re-generation of 3D assets. Our approach focuses on understanding the unique needs of each client and delivering tailored AI-driven solutions that enhance efficiency and creativity. We believe in collaboration and innovation, viewing every challenge as an opportunity to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the intersection of art and technology by providing innovative AI solutions that drive business success on both large and small scales. We aim to deliver exceptional value to our clients through our expertise in AI and 3D automation, helping them stay ahead in a competitive market. Our comprehensive services, including Synthetic AI Photo Shootings, 3D Optimization AI for asset re-generation, and tailored AI-driven solutions, enhance efficiency and creativity across various industries.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the fusion of art and technology, providing state-of-the-art AI solutions to a diverse range of clients and content professionals. We aim to create expansive 3D worlds, photoreal human influencers, immersive product configurators for digital twins, and advanced workflow automation. We are committed to being a creative and innovative force, consistently delivering the best solutions in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Mirko Hänßgen

Mirko Hänßgen

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mirko Hänßgen, Co-founder and CEO of UNEVIS X, is renowned for his innovative AI-driven software tools in the content creation and automotive industries. He has delivered impactful speeches on AI and its influence on the 3D space at prestigious events such as Google Next ’23 in San Francisco and the Handelsblatt Rethink AI event in Hamburg.

With extensive leadership experience in developing enterprise software tools for films, computer game pipelines, and the automotive industry, Mirko combines technical expertise with visionary leadership. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and has authored a couple of technology patents, showcasing his commitment to advancing technology. Mirko excels in guiding software development and driving innovation in the industry.

Pierre Grage

Pierre Grage

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Pierre Grage, co-founder and CINO of UNEVIS X is an experienced IT solution creator with expertise in disruptive software solutions and emerging technologies such as CGI, XR, and AI. He has shared his insights at prestigious events including Google Cloud Next ’23, RealTime Conference ’23, and the KTVT Volkswagen conference.

As the author of “Inside VFX,” a book about the business and technology in the visual effects industry, Pierre has played a pivotal role in innovating the early CGI industry in Germany. He has also contributed to renowned movie franchises such as Avatar, Harry Potter, and Pacific Rim. He is a sought-after consultant and innovation manager known for driving industry innovation and has co-authored a couple of technology patents.

Alexander Schust

Alexander Schust

Chief Strategy and Growth Officer

Alexander Schust is an experienced IT industry manager, overseeing strategy and financial aspects of UNEVIS X. He brings extensive expertise as a skilled manager, entrepreneur, and private equity investor in the digital media and entertainment industry.

With a diverse background in business development, sales, and management across IT, finance, media, and automotive industries, Alexander has held significant roles. At MHP – A Porsche Company, he orchestrated business development, maximized sales, and built strategic partnerships. At Mackevision (now Accenture Song), he managed the Daimler AG account and negotiated high-value contracts.

Alexander is known for driving industry innovation and creating profitable strategies for the digital age.


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